we are almost done touring the south and midwest......thanks to all
those who came out.........we'll be through the southwest again in
March for SXSW and we'll be touring the northwest in April, and the
east coast in May........check out the tour dates

12/11/06 "Beware of the Maniacs" is available for purchase on the merch page of this website. Buy a copy, enjoy it and then pass it on to a friend.

11/15/06 "Beware of the Maniacs" will be available for purchase through this
website very soon....we are currently touring and have a limited
number of copies. thanks!

10/13/06 Greetings from the road....shows have been added in New York, please check out the schedule. Our loyal friend and steadfast tour manager Ben is keeping a tour diary filled with photos and random video that can be checked out at tour diary.

9/14/06 We'll be touring in October and Nov, and we'll have finished copies
of our first record "Beware of the Maniacs" on sale at shows, please
check tour dates.

8/11/06 - Thanks for those who came out for support while we were on tour. Special thanks to Jon, Gavin, Nolan, Laura, Christian, and Tony for taking care of and providing shelter for us. Also, thanks to Ben for his organized brain and Michelle for her keen eye.

7/10/06 - Logan and I will be in New York July 17th - 23rd. We will also be in southern California 7/29 - 8/4, check for tour dates. We are about done with our first full length, we'll have a few of the new songs available for sale at our shows along with t-shirts and posters all handcrafted by the help of our artistic friends Jessica Cusik and Spencer Hicks. Hope to see ya there.

6/6/06 - An evil day is also the first day of the new site. Charlie Villyard of State Bird Design is responsible for the creation of this site...thanks. Feel free to check out his other sites, Folkstar and Dust and Earth.

6/1/06 - Logan Kroeber and I are working on our first full-length release at the Type Foundry in Portland. John Askew of Tracker is running the boards. We are more than halfway through, and hoping to be done by July.

5/25/06 - We're currently planning a west coast tour for early August, and a west coast/ midwest tour in the fall.

5/15/06 - I finished my first 5 song ep entitled "dodo bird" in March 2006, which I recorded over a year long process with the help of Liam Nelson of the dying californian Jeff Pinn of Zilla Studios, and Josh Garcia at Hyde St. Studios. As of now, you can get it at shows, or aquarius records in San Francisco.